Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally upgraded to ... ...

After flying for 7 mths, I finally got a free upgrade to Business Class, all thanks to the overbooked flight! Hee.... Well this was my second chance in Business Class actually.

I was pampered for 3 hours from there onwards and can see the difference between economy and business class.

From the moment, I was seated and offered a drink, offered papers and magazines and was asked what drink I want after the plane took off.

Next the difference on the food. Instead of everything being served together, they served it course by course. They even set up the "dining table" before the meal. Hee...

The seat was big and spacious, can even lie flat with it as well. Wonderful!

Sigh... All things must come to an end after 3 hours flight. I totally enjoyed the experience. Hope that I will have such free upgrades more often. (SIA, you saw this?)Hee...

A "pampared" Polarbear

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