Sunday, December 07, 2008

Standard Chartered 2008

I am supposed to run 21km this morning. In the end, with no training for it, I decided to run 10km will do. Hee...

OMG! It was the correct decision as I struggled to complete the 10km run. Last year, with training, the 10km run was a breeze. This year, it was almost like a torture for me. I can say that I am very relieved when I cross the finishing line.

Well, I got no one to blame expect myself for not training for it. Need to start planning for next year so that I can start training long long before that run again.

So should I go for 21km next year again? Hmm....

A "very tired" Polarbear

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WinnieKay said...

waaa! hey i sign up for Adidas Sundown Marathon 42.195km leh! hahaha prepare to die lo :D