Friday, May 02, 2008

My "First" Day at Work

Today was the first day that I spent at my new office. Yes, finally I got a job which office is in town area! Hee.... Well yes, I have been there for interview, but they did some renovation in the office. Saw my new colleagues today as well. Managed to do some of the admin stuff and got a new laptop as well. Wahahahaha! Finally! Hee... I still got to set up the laptop on Monday and hope to get all of the admin stuff done by Monday as well.

For the past 4 days, I was away in Manila. It was my first trip there and was quite excited, not to forget to mention stressed as well, to go there as well, especially when I am flying there and back alone. It was like going for amazing race. It was quite good for the following reasons:

1. I finally got to fly on Singapore Airlines. It was very good, from the service to the food. Got a personal entertainment set as well. Managed to catch 2 movies, Jumper and The Bucket List. Even got time to play some of the games as well. For the food, it was simply great! Hope got more chance to fly SQ next time. Not to mention, finally got a job that requires to fly as well! Hee....

2. The hotel that I stayed, Hotel Intercontinental, was simply great. It was right in the middle of the town and was surrounded by shopping centres. I did not managed to have chance to walk around until the last day.

3. My colleagues there are a great bunch of friendly people! I managed to learn a lot from them over then past few days. We will be working very closely together from now onwards.

Heard that there will be a team building for everyone as well and it will be at Philippines as well. hope this is true and will be able to meet the rest of the people that are based in Europe as well.

From now, I think I will be very busy with my new job and not as relaxed as I was in my previous job. Hope that I am able to start contributing soon! Hee....

A "excited to start work" Polarbear

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