Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One month into my new job.

Time really flies fast. Today marks the first month into my job and wow what a great change it had brought into my life.

Firstly, I was introduced to Manila, Philippines. Without this job, I don't think I will ever step foot into Manila, unless I took part in the Amazing Race Asia of course. Hee... In fact on my first day of work, I reported to Manila and in the end I spend 3 weeks out of the first month (4 weeks) travelling in and out of Manila.

Secondly, I was opened to the world of Telecommunication. I never knew that I can ever joined this line. I am being thankful for given this chance. Ever I started on this job, it had been a great learning curve where I had been learning something new almost everyday. I was also given a lot of new challenges or responsibilities where I was given a lot of freedom to do what I think is feasible.

Lastly, I get to know a great bunch of people from all nationalities from Singapore to Philippines to UK. There are a lot that I have spoken on Skype but yet to see their face. Hee... This is a good chance for me to learn working with different people from different backgrounds as well.

Of course of all the good things, there are bad things as well like stress, unable to spend time with my family and loved ones and have to be independent when I am all alone overseas. I missed spending time at the gym and with my friends as well.

All in all, I totally dig (LOVE) this job right now. Hope that I can last longer in this job than another other jobs. Haha... How do I celebrate today? I treated myself to a nice quiet dinner at Tony Roma's! Hee...

A "take and give" Polarbear

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