Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Team Building @ Tagaytay

For the past 2 days, had been having some fun, a break for the work as well.

So within 3 weeks from joining this new company, I was in time to join in for the team building that was organised by SMART side. So this is also the first time that I will be seeing all the counterparts in the other side. Hee... I expect some but when I turned up in the room, I did not expect to see one whole room of people! Well around 80 plus people and have to say I don't even know 90% of them.

So it started off with some ice breakers before we boarded the bus and head towards Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a volcano (still active one I think) with a lake crater surrounding the crater hole. It was beautiful. Too bad, I did not have the chance to head to the crater hole. Yes! We can take a boat across the lake and climb up the crater. If you are keen for more information about the place, can click here.

Well, back to the team building, it was done in a amazing race style, where we got to solve and complete different task along the way before we reach the final destination. Along the way, we got to know each other in the team better. I was lucky to be in a fun loving group.

At night we were tasked to reflect the whole process the whole day and ended the night with a get together night which I totally did something embarrassing. After which, we then check into our room for an "early" night rest.

Next day, we started to do the rest of the team building programs before we are back on the bus back.

Overall, I am impressed with everyone as they played as hard as they worked as well. The organisers are great as well, with the whole team building program being carried out seamless. Now I see the faces and know their names. Hope that from now onwards, it will be easier to work from now onwards.

A "so many people to work with" Polarbear

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