Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's Polarbear?

Ever since I started working in this new job, I started to travel to this specific country for work quite often. Well for my first monht of work, I will be spending 3 weeks at that country and 1 week in Singapore, of cos I flew back to Singapore at weekends.

Yesterday, my planed landed at the airport at 1650H, and I only got out of the airport at 1800H. I actually queued at the immigration counter for an hour! What a waste of time! This despite all the counters are open.

Well another reason is 2 flights landed at the same time. Still the officers really took their own sweet time to stamp the passport. Sigh. No wonder the travel books all mentioned about the horrible slow immigration counters. This is the same for both entering and exiting from the country.

Wanna to make a guess which country's airport is that?

A "needs to be very patient" Polarbear

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