Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This is my first movie that I watched in Manila. I only got this to say, it is freaking cheap to watch a movie in Manila, with each ticket only cost $5. Even their "lazy boy" chair which is equivalent to our "Gold Class", each ticket only cost $10 and it comes with free flow of pop corn and drinks. How cool is that! Too bad, I was too late and all the shows with "lazy boy" chairs are sold out, so in the ed I got to settle for their normal cinema. Their normal cinemas are all like GV Max back home!

So now back to the movie. I did not remember watching the earlier 3 shows but still I think it got nothing to do with the last 3 anyway. Hee... The plot is simple. In order to put back a crystal skull so that the enemy will not get in and in the way he managed to found out he actually got a son.

This show is a really long show. I do like the retro look of the film to keep it in tune with the last 3 shows. Even Harrison Ford is 65 but he sure dun look or act like a 65 guy. Hee.... One thing that I do not agree with is the ending of the show. Too far fetch already la! Hee... Overall I give this show 3.5 stars out of 5.

Maybe I will start to watch the shows in Manila now. Hee...

A "many more movies to watch" Polarbear

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