Monday, July 14, 2008

Mega Combat and Gym Politics

Last sat was PF's Mega Combat. Well only managed to attend half of it since we got to get ready for Gary Cao's concert after it. Hee... This is my second year doing it. I do not know why but I do not enjoyed doing it. Just find it boring doing it. Do not think I will be doing it next year. Cannot imagine the queue for the distribution of the T-shirt. OMG! People are really so kaisu leh. Still managed to got mine, when there is no queue.

One thing in gym, when I go attend the classes, I would prefer to go for the classes which are taught by the instructors I prefer but I do not go to extreme where I would check everyday if that instructor will not be teaching that day class due to something. I will still attend the class.

There are also groups of ppl who will only attend the instructors they attend and become like groupies. these are the people usually standing in the front and would have stay back to talk to the instructors. Of course they had big influence as they usually will be the ones to request for tracks in classes. Of course there will be different groups for the same instructors and each group will try to do their best to get the instructor's attention like helping them to set up, keep the equipment. There are even people who will go to different gyms in a day to attend the classes conducted by the same instructors. Even at Mega Combat, the whole gang would have stand in front of the platform where that particular instructor is standing. OMG!

Recently heard that one of the trainee instructors, gena complained by one of the lao jiaos during the class. So the poor trainee do not even have the chance to cover the class now and at the same time she also did not attend that particular instructor class any more. Poor thing. Well wish her all the best!

I just go gym so that I can work out at the same time to relief some stress. I do not go gym to add more stress to my life! I also got enough politics to handle in office already. I do not need any more at the gym.

To those people, please get a life outside gym.

A "just want to enjoy work out" Polarbear

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