Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gary Cao's Concert

I did have the intend to watch this concert when I knew it was coming to town. However since no one want to watch it with me, I decided to give it a miss. It was a KTV session in the afternoon of the day of the concert, sort of spurred up my interest to watch the concert again. Another reason is because he won the Best Male Vocalist just last weekend as well.

As luck to be on my side, I managed to get a pair of free tickets to watch from Hazel. Hee... So excited over it. So much so that we even decided to leave halfway through Mega Combat. Haa...

The turnout of the concert was ard 80%, quite good and did not expect so many people to turn up and support him. After watching the concert, I have to say that Gary Cao is really a very good singer, just like how he sounds in the CD. I find the program of the concert a bit boring and was not well thought through as well. That was quite a disappointment. He could have sang more songs from his 3 albums as well. Well I only can say his voice and wit was the saving grace of the concert. I was happy that I got free tickets to watch it instead me what I had planned to buy tickets for it. Hee...

A "relived" Polarbear

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