Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Fantastic Diving Weekend!

Finally took off sometime to go diving and because LLT is going to take the plunge and take her open water certification! It was quite exciting for all of us cos other than her, my friends also took part in it.

The theory and the pool lessons went well, I even went to give moral support for the pool lessons. Hee...

The trip was uneventful less the van ride and the boat ride. Before we know it, we are all ready for the first open water dive. Hee... I went down with them as usual to give moral support. For the first two dives, everything turned out to be fine and before I know it, all of the trainees are certified open water divers. I was under certain amount of stress, making sure that all things will go well for LLT.

After that, came the third dive, which is officially their first leisure dive. It went on fine, until we saw a lion fish. In my excitement, I want to take a picture of it, so I got LLT to hold my BCD instead. After taking the photo, I realised that LLT went missing and I could not find her anywhere in the water. This is the first time in my diving history that I sort of "panicked", cos she went missing. After a minute of searching in the water, I immediately went up to 5 m for the safety stop. After which, I shot up and was super relived to see her floating on the surface of the water.

After that, I did not let her go out of my sight during the next dive. However at the last dive, I decided to let her go with a different buddy so that she will be able to know what to do when she is with buddies.

All in all, the trip was quite fun other then the small incident. Get to know some new friends and had to chance to eat my favourite Ramily Burgers. Hee...

So I am not wondering when is the next time we are going to dive. Hmm....

A "love to dive" Polarbear

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