Sunday, September 28, 2008

Launch of Body Combat 37 and Body Pump 67

Today was the Launch of the Body Combat 37 and Body Pump 67! Not really new releases as I think we are one of the last gym to release it. Hee... Decided to stay far far away from Suntec due to F1 race, therefore head towards Parkway Parade instead.

This is my first time in at Parkway Parade gym. I am quite impressed with the gym, big and spacious. Maybe I should be here more often. Hee...

Well back to the new releases.

I quite like Combat 37, even though I find the music is a bit boring but the moves definitely makes up for it. Halfway through the tracks, I am already tried. Hee... This might be due to me only doing combat once a week. This release is really quite challenging and definitely will be quite challenging for those who just took up combat as well. Looking forward to do it a few more time if time permits and think will get to see a number of tracks being reused when the instructors mixed up the tracks. I had fun with it!

For Pump 67, I was surprised by the warm up track using Bleeding Love. Hmm other than this, I really find this release much the same as the other pump releases as well. At least the music still rocks for this release. Hee...

After attending the two classes, I am so tired that I went home straight to sleep. Hee...

I miss gym so much.

A "missed gym" Polarbear

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