Saturday, October 18, 2008

I finally reached Elite Gold Status!

After 6 months of on and off flying in and out of Manila, I manged to reach my Elite Gold Status! I cannot believe it also. Well Manila is only a very short 3 hour flight and cannot clock much miles anyway, so you can imagine now much flying I had been doing!

Hmm... I thought it is going to take me to clock another 50000 miles to get the status but it seems that I only need to clocked 25000 miles for it!

So now with the new upgrade of status, I can use their lounge! This is very important as they got free flow of food and drinks while waiting to board the plane. Now this gives me a good reason to go to airport earlier as well!

Next, I can board the plane with those First Class and Business Class people and before everyone else. So this means I no need to wait for them to call my row to board the plane. Hee...

Lastly, my luggage will get tagged Priority Tag, so this means my luggage will comes out together with the First and Business Class.

Well I know this is nothing to be proud of, as there area lot of people wit the Elite Gold status as well. Then I thought it will take me ages to reach the status, and this is something that I never expect when I took up this job. Hee...

A "still flying in and out" Polarbear

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CL and CW said...

WAH!!! Can imagine all the flying you have clocked to get such a powerful status!!!