Saturday, June 21, 2008

What kind of service?

Sigh... I am already in sort of a bad mood today yet bad things happened today. In fact in just a few mins ago. I am now sitting at TCC, the one near Plaza Singapura, keying this.

I was waiting for someone to show me a seat when:

Polarbear (PB): Hi, I would like to have an indoor seat near a power point please.

Waiter (W): Good afternoon, we have ran out of indoor seats. How about outdoor seats?

PB: Sure, can I request that once there is an available seat indoor, can I be given the seat?

W: Erhh... Sorry the priority is given to those in the queue.

PB: So are you telling me that you rather have me waiting in the line while not spending money in your cafe?

W: I did not say that. (At this point, I got sort of pissed off.)

PB: In this case, I would rather wait in the line.

W: Please let me go and check if any more seats indoor.

W: There is a table available soon, you can have it.

PB: Thanks.

I really wonder what kind of service or policy is that? Sigh. So if I belong to the impatient kind, I would have walked away from the cafe and NEVER come back.

Sigh so much so for good service.

A "pissed off" Polarbear


ladyironchef said...

lol! this one really nothing to say, usually they confirm have no qualms abt letting you change the seats one, but the waitress here a bit funny. ha

PolarBear said...

LIC -> Yah lo. Sigh. Plus the waiter decided to pull such a trick on me on my bad day.