Saturday, February 02, 2008

A special day!

One year ago the answer was YES! and it had been an enjoyable year, with its own ups and downs.

Nothing much happened in the morning except I went for gym today alone (CPC again), got myself a kuku haircut (Dun wanna to talk about it).

Y am I at gym alone, cos someone was coughing badly, even dared to tell me that her lungs are coming out form all the coughing. In the end, I stopped all activities for her. Hee....

Since today is a special day, should plan something special right? Sad to say there wasn't, in the end we still land up having dinner with my mum and gang! Wahahaha...... At least I gave her something she never expected! Hee....

At night, we went to our "favourite" cafe due to some reason. Hee... After which we watched "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street".

This is a Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film again. They have actually worked together in a number of films already. This moive is a musical, a dark musical. So Depp as Sweenty Todd is a barber that was unjustly thrown into jail and his wife and daugther was thrown into unknown consequences. Pls note that in this movie, 85% are songs and quite surprised that all of the cast can sing pretty well.

Depp actually brings out the agony of losing his family and how he is just foucs on revenge. Helena being Mrs Lovett, brings some of funny parts of the movie, on her pie making business.

To me, this is quite a dark and gory movie with a lot of blood splattering all over. I dun really think this is one of the best musical that had been converted to film, compared to Chicago, The Producers etc. Overall I will give this movie 3 star out of 5.

Hee... have a fun day today! Time to rest! Hee...

A "fun to be with" Polarbear

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