Saturday, February 23, 2008

Visit to Mint Museum of Toys!

Today had an interesting day and went back to the old days as we made a visit to the Mint Museum of Toys. It is a SAFRA organised event, since I have never been to this place before, so decided to join in the fun.

So what does MINT means? MINT = Memories of Imaginative & Nostalgic Toys. It is open by an engineer who own a lot of toys (think near 500,000 if I am not wrong) that are kept somewhere in a warehouse , therefore at any one time only a portion of the toys are displayed in the museum. They are changed every 6 months. So it is actually good to go there every 6 months.

This event consist of a buffet dinner with some pretty good food and desserts as well. After which, we had a guided tour of the place. The guide is very knowledgeable of the toys and it is great for him to explain to us all the history of the toys. There are also a lot of old movie posters as well. Think all the toys and poster actually worth a lot of money in the first place.

The building itself is very interesting as well as the 4th and 5th floor are actually suspended from the roof and all the lightnings are hidden in the shelf, and this actually protects the toys as well.

By end of the event, had a small lucky draw where both of us won something. Wahahaha.. Pretty lucky huh? Hee..... Totally enjoyed myself in the tour.

Hmm..... so when are we going back again?

My only regret is I should not have thrown away my old toys.

A "loved to play with toys" Polarbear

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