Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My 3rd and final jab

Finally went for my 3rd and final jab for my combined Hep A and B vaccination today.

1st jab @ 10/08/07 - $90
2nd jab @ 10/09/07 - $90
3rd jab @ 05/02/08 - $95

As you can see, even the price of the jab increased. Really cannot believed that. Inflation at work again! Wonder when it is going to be working on my pay instead. Sigh....

Back to the main topic... By right I should be fully protected from both Hep A and B. I should do any blood test in 5 yrs to check if it is still effective. I hope so, if not dunno how much they will cost by then! Sigh... At least now I think I can go and eat whatever I want to eat now. Wahahaha!

A "protected from Hep A and B" Polarbear

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