Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Juno: One of the Top 5 movies in 2008

This movie is about a teenage girl, Juno, got pregnant by Bleeker. Went off to find a set of "prefect" parents (Mark and Vanessa) to adopt the baby. With parents full support behind her, Juno faces some tough relationship problems, adulthood and to find a place where she belongs.

To me, this is the BEST PICUTRE of the year! I simply loved it! With a simple plot, witty lines and great yet believable acting by the main cast, it is hard not to fall in love with this movie! I felt like I was Juno best friend watching the movie, sharing her pain and joy. Her story can be related by anyone as it can happen to both you and me and that makes it believable. Three scenes left deep impression on me.

1. The one where Juno confronted Bleeker when he asked someone out to the prom.

2. The one when the baby is born, and when Vanessa first saw the baby in hospital.

3. The last scene when she and Bleeker sings. Simply touching. Sweet sweet love.

No wonder it was nominated for Best Picture in the upcoming Oscars. Ellen Page, an up and coming actress, nomination as Best Actress. Her acting was freaking good and she is only 20, when she shot that movie. Jennifer Garner was good as Vanessa, can feel that she really wants a baby so much even though her marriage was in rocks.

Overall, I give this movie 5 stars out of 5. Go and catch it! A simple sweet teenager story.

A "simply touched" Polarbear

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