Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dunno y I am so tired today?

Maybe it is the gloomy weather.

Today had one whole day to myself. Hee... So early in the morning, dragged my lazy ass to the gym for pump and combat. I totally enjoyed myself in the class today. Funny enough, I managed to do it without any breakfast.

After which, walked over to the travel agency in the rain, to collect the air tickets and hotel vouchor for the holiday. The trip is confirmed!

With the gloomy weather, it is a very good time to sleep. That is what I did! Wahahaha.... Woke up in time for dinner and with an aching body! OMG!

Well that sums up my boring yet tired Sunday!

Yesterday, found out another of my fav, Ah Kun, increased their prices again! From $3.90 they increased to $4.20 now. Sigh... Think I have to cut down on that as well. So sad! Hope that Toastbox dun increases their price!

3 more days to CNY!

A "very tired" Polarbear

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