Monday, February 18, 2008

The odd one had spoken!

Disclaimer: If you think you are the odd one, pls do not procced to read. Read at your own risk!

Reminder: This is my personal blog. So that I can write anything I like here! :P

Am I a difficult person to deal with or other people are the difficult ones?

Other people can have their moody days but I am not allowed to have one?

Must I be always the one to start a conversation with other people?

Someone (A princess wannabe but never one and will never be one, now who shall be known as the B****) recently kept creating trouble for LLT, by saying why her bf aka me, ignored her and her bf?

This B**** now turned the table and said that I was at wrong and all the silly stuff that she can ever imagined. So whatever she does is right and whatever other people does is wrong! So she thinks who I am? A clown that always need to keep people entertained huh? Pls lo, she can always ask her BF to entertain her instead lo! If not, if you pay me, I might consider about entertaining you in the first place!

Cannot believe that she brought her BF along so that she can showcase him in front of us and then expect us to entertain you and your BF. Pls lo! Your BF not a mute lo, can sing but cannot talk to us meh? How come I know she bring her BF dor showcase cos she sort of mentioned felt neglected with or without BF during the last session? I pity the BF lo! I think he need to go and check his eyesight in the first place.

Then she lagi good, go and complain. #*()%&)!&#%)

Somehow after discussion, we were wondering if she need me to endorse her BF... or even worse she is in love with me... Wahahaha. I think I am too good for b****** anyway.

Oh yes, I got a little confession to make. If you (YES YOU B****) have noticed, I truly had ignored you since long time ago! Even recently, I decided to treat you as invisible as people that I dun like dun even exist in my world at all! To me you are as good as dead! If you happen to be reading this, TAKE THAT YOU B****!

Oh yes one more thing! You are being BARRED from our wedding. Wahahaha!

A "very CALM but still fuming" Polarbear


We'll Carry On said...

"You are being BARRED from our wedding"? whoa you getting married? With who and when? Never tell me.. Walao.. Bad uncle :(

Anonymous said...

wow. did i see the word wedding? when are u all getting married? am i invited to it? hahahah!

we yebber form one table, sure very noisy one. lol

PolarBear said...

Noorul, LIC - Let's dun get too excited over the word wedding ok? Wahahaha...

If there is one, you all will be invited! Meantime pls start a saving your money for the red packet ok! Wahahahaha..

Yah I think Yebber table needs to be in a corner cos of the noise. Wahahaha..

We'll Carry On said...


Now trying to change topic.. You this type of person won't say things for the sake of saying one.. I guess you guys are now at the planning stage liao hor? If you get married, I thought you supposed to give me the red packet one? No meh? LOL... You better take care of my erjie properly wor! HEHE :D