Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is MAN?

Decided to watch this show when I was browsing through and this show does looks interesting. Have some doubt at first as it is my first time watching a Chinese Play. This is also one of the longest play I ever been to, 3 hrs long and it turn out to be interesting and I totally enjoyed the play.

The play is based on The Water Margin, a famous Chinese novel. It tries to attempt to capture the original spirit of the novel. It shows the masculinity and violence in today context.

There 28 scenes in total all in modern form. In some scenes, especially those single acts, are really good and funny. There is one scene that makes use of shadows is also very good and very funny as well. This play also shows the MCP of male as well and the weakness of female.

Overall, it is really very good. I am looking forward to his another play.

After the play, all the actors and actresses together with the director, held a mini question and answer session. During this session, it did clear some doubts that I had in the play as well. It was really an eye opener.

So when is the next play coming? Hee...

A "still in the mood of the play" Polarbear

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