Monday, February 04, 2008

A disappointing KungFu Dunk

This movie is ALL ABOUT JAY CHOU! The movie is about a boy who was brought up in a KungFu school and was expelled as he had offended some gang. In the end, he was recuited by a guy who make use of his KungFu skills in a basketball court. So care to make a guess who is the hero of this movie?

To me, I dun think he can act in this movie. His expression is the same throughout the whole movie. Nothing to wow off the effects, mostly matrix style. If I can see the stunts being pulled off in a real basketball court, then I will be really surprised! I am not impressed with the storyline, it sort of rushed through the introduction within 5 mins so that Mr Chou can some out quickly. The rest of the co-stars have such short screen times that I wonder why are they in the film in the first place. Sigh...

In short, the movie fall short of my expectations. Overall I give this movie 1 star out of 5. This movie is for hardcore Jay Chou fan. He better stick to singing then.

Luckily this movie is a free preview, if not I will not spend money on this movie.

A "will not pay for lousy movie" Polarbear


Anonymous said...

hahaha. so bad ar? i thinking whether to watch it or not. lol

PolarBear said...

Yes that bad, spend the money on a better movie.

We'll Carry On said...

WHOA uncle I want to watch this show de lei.. YOU BAD BAD man! LOL!