Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ren Ri! Happy Birthday to all!

Today is Ren Ri, which means is everyone's birthday! Happy Birthday to all!

During lunch, a few colleagues and I decided to go for a CNY lunch at a nearby coffeeshop, surprisingly the food was quite good and we got to lou hei (yu sheng) for good luck! It is also having a lot of fun having lunch with a big group of people. SO what we did ask for? Other then the normal win 4D or TOTO, we laos wished for promotion etc. Wahahaha.... In the end we shared a pool of money for 4D on 1488.

*Update: 1488 did not come out.*

At night, we had a family gathering at home where my mum had cooked tons and tons of good food! Of cos we have yu sheng as well. Did I mentioned that I simply loved yu sheng and could have them everyday! Wahahaha.... My aunt, cousin and Athens were invited as well. Hee....

After a good dinner, we have a game of blackjack. Yes, I know I had lost 3 days in a row, but I decided to play just for fun. At first my luck was not that good, however all turns around when I became the dealer. Jz after 4 rounds, I won around $60! Wahahaha..... I had recovered all my losses! I think my luck had came back to me! It was a lot of fun when you start to win money!

Happy CNY to all again!

A "HUAT AH!" Polarbear

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