Friday, February 15, 2008

CJ7.... Results of the CNY movies!

Today managed to have dinner with one of my best fren, Danny, well the order on sick and could not make it, the last one well jz cannot make it. Sigh.... It is more difficult to meet up with friends nowadays.

After which we decided watched CJ7, actually booked the tickets in advanced. Hee...

The movie is about a comedy about a poor laborer father (Stephen Chow) and his young son. When a fascinating and strange new pet enters their lives, they learn a poignant lesson about the true nature of family and the things money can't buy.

The alien dog is so cute! I also want one! Hee.... This is actually quite a short movie and the CGI was really good. The plot does not really make any sense and the movie does not explain a lot of questions. Again in his movie, the pretty girl is jz a pretty vase. Still it is a pretty good movie. Overall I give this movie 4 star out of 5.

Out of the 3 CNY movies, my ranking are:
1. CJ7
2. Ah Long Pte Ltd
3. KungFu Dunk

So which one is your favourite?

A "finally finished watching all 3 movies" Polarbear


ladyironchef said...

u really like your movies. lol. i din watch any of the 3. hahahah

PolarBear said...

LIC: Yah I loved movies! Wanna to join me?