Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend full of weddings and birthday celebrations!

Weekend full of weddings and birthday celebrations!

Fri is that day that I had spent a week in my "new" workplace. Getting boring as I am still "laptop-less", hated it, hope that it will come soon, really soon! Friday, is also the day that need to celebrate LLT's birthday, have to pre-booked this date like "years" ago. Haa....Haa..... Anyway bought the present long ago but then in the morning then she mentioned that her frens bought something similar for her. Hmm...... then I was like.... .... Neverthless, jz gave her the present and hope that she really like it. Haa......

Went to a new place for dinner, Giraffe, a restaurant in the middle of the park, nice looking chill out place! The place definitely did not disappoint us! The place is great, food great, service great, price is cheap as well! Started off with clam chowder soup and salad, next with Thai spring rolls (Fantastic!). Main course: Tandoori Chicken and Ribeye. Plates are big but food portion smaller. Haa..... It is a great place to chill out, I will bring ppl there as often as I can!

What is a birthday without birthday cake, so next went to NYDC for some OREO's cheesecake! Then followed by a 4 hr marathon of KTV session. Had the most fun even though only the 2 of us singing. Most amazing, still got our voices after that. Haa...... Happy birthday and enjoy ur youth and may all ur wishes come true!

Weekend also marked the start of the wedding dinners that I have to attend, 4 in total this mth! Today and tomorrow's dinner are my batch boys, this means I got to eat with the same group of ppl for 2 nights. Min 18 course dinner coming up and lots of catch up to do! Great! Due to some other ppl's reason, we are almost late for the first dinner! Haa....

After Sat's dinner, met up with LLT and fren and watched "The Holiday", by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. After going to the wrong cinema and rushing to the correct one, barely make it when the show start, I sat comfortably to enjoy the romantic comedy. The movie is a great change as I had not watched a romantic comedy for a very long time. It is about the 2 female leads get to exchanged their houses for 2 weeks and get to meet different people and get into a whole new different relationship with their new partners. So what does this mean? To me, it means that love can be anywhere and anytime. So when it comes jz go ahead and embrace it, dun shun it! I also want to do something like room exchange so that maybe I can meet someone new as well. Haa..... I also loved the BRITISH accent in the movie! I will give it 3.5 stars out of 5.
After the movie, went to coffee club with LLT to drink my fav morning dew tea and we chatted until 6am in the morning before going home in a cab. To her disappointment (I think), we had to forgo the blading session that was planned. Discussed a lot and had lots of fun chatting with you!

Sunday after jz 2 hrs of sleep, was "forced" to go KTV again with LLT and her frens. Ok lah, it is kapo on my part as well. Haa.... Did not sing a lot as friday 's session still very fresh in my mind. Haa... After which attended the second dinner, this was a lot of fun as I had a lot of fun catching up with a the ppl that I had not seen for very long time. A lot of dinners will be waiting for me to be arranged! Looking forward to talk to you all again! Haa....

Due to lack of sleep, I need to sleep a lot during the week then. I am going to sleep now! Till then... Take care

A very sleepy Polarbear

PS: 10 more days to ... ... Hee... Hee...

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