Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Down with fever! Wat a way to start a week!

Down with fever! Wat a way to start a week!

Yes I am down with fever after a long time after my last illness. Haa... I think I spent too much time in the sun and did not drink enough water to fall sick. Hmm... Even then before I totally succumbed to fever, I managed to go to SITEX 06 with LLT to get my printer finally and at a lower price and managed to buy other things like memory card for my new phone, and multi card reader and we managed to get out of the place before it get too crowded and we get squeezed to death. Hee....

Since we decided to drop my printer home 1st, LLT got to meet OSCAR again and it seems that even he did not meet LLT for 2 weeks, he still remember her and did not bark at her. He even rather play with her than me. Sad leh for me. Haa..... After which LLT go to meet frens for dinner while i decided to go home and face my illness and go to sleep. By the time my mum came back, she was shouting at me cos I was burning hot. She asked me to pop in some pills and use an ice bag on me. After slightly 12 hrs of sleep, I think I m well enough to go to work, not so feverish as well.

Poor LLT had to wake up slightly earlier to accompany on the train ride. Hee.... Today at office I did nothing again, no computer and had lunch alone. Sad. However, I did finish the book "Devil wears Prada" within the day. A new record set for finishing the book within a day! Haa.... After work, met up with HW who I am supposed to meet up with yesterday! he is on a shopping spree again while I bought a BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR SOMEONE! Haa.... Now crossing my fingers and hope that you will like the present! If you dun like then have to blame HW alr. Haa.... I want to buy a pair of leather shoes but did not managed to find a design that I like, maybe next time then. Hee....

OK I think I need to go and sleep now as my throat is still a bit funny and painful. I am now drinking gallons and gallons of water and hope that I need not go and see a doc for this. I definitely dun want to fall sick during this mth! Cos I dun want to miss out all the fun! Hee....

Till then....Take care

A "feverish" Polarbear

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