Friday, December 29, 2006

Results are out and guess what?

Results are out and guess what?

I got the best results so far in my studies. Well I sort of expected the results also lah. Haa.... Although it came a bit too late but still late better than never. Haa.... So happy right now! This will give me the extra boost for next year studies! Haa... Come on! IT'S TIME TO PARTY!

Hmm.... jz heard that a used to be a fren of mine is being asked to leave and had to look for another job. (Erhh... Dunno he is lying a not, and hope that it is not true) This does not sound good at all. Wonder what had happen to him during work. Well I mean he is serious in his work but then it might be his character and attitude towards his work that caused him his job. Sigh... Hope that he can move on fast and find another job then. Advice to him: Dun think too far, jz do whatever you like or interested in.

Yesterday got the chance to drive in my cousin's "new" car, which is a Fiat, 2.5 litre car. Hmm... Siao? Y get such a powerful car? I was so stressful as it is a big car and I had not get used to it plus a lot for ppl in the car and it was raining. All complaining that I drove too slow and braking too sudden. Haa... Come on le, give me a break la! First time behind the wheel of the car leh, need sometime to get used to it mah. Jz a small press on the accelerator, the speed will increase like a rocket. Hmm... I think I am a much better passenger than a driver huh. So next time I am to get a car, it will jz be a simple car to get me from point A to point B.

2006 will be over by this weekend. It seems only yesterday when I was at Marina Bay squeezing with other people trying to look at fireworks. Haa... Time really flies! Some plans are firmed up on NYE and hope that a lot of ppl can join us!

Well will be going down to the gym later on and follow by back to back movies of Death Note 1 and 2! Haa.... looking forward towards it! Will give the review soon! I think I had been gyming to much and had been aching for the whole week. Haa...

A very HAPPY Polarbear

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