Sunday, December 03, 2006

December... My fav month of the year!

December... My fav month of the year!

We have finally come to the last month of the year, December, my fav month of the year. There are a lot of reasons y I loved Dec. There is Christmas, new year eve and the most impt day in my life. Haa..... What day it is? Hmm...... Go and find out!

I started my first day of Dec in my new work place. Morning, my RO went missing. Haa..... She went to other place for meeting instead. Haa..... Nvr mind managed to get someone else to help me and got my pass within 10 mins. Great! In the afternoon, she came back and showed me my desk and gave me some work to do. Haa....Haa.... So fast got work to do alr and it is quite a lot of work to do! So far so good. Hope things would be better.

After which went home and waited until at night to meet LLT for movie after her DnD. I went for haircut in btw and turned out to be a bad haircut, cut it to short. Sigh.... Opps... I was late again and gana "scolded" for being late again. Ok lah, next time try to be there early ok? Haa..... She picked to watch: Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny. It is the LAMEST show i ever watched this year but i enjoyed it a lot! A lot of sexist jokes! I think LLT dun like the movie can see that she almost fell asleep lo, but still she managed to tehan until the end of the show. Erhh..... cos the show is so lame, I dun think I wanna to review the show here. I give 1 star out of 5.

Sat, woke up early in the morning so that I can go to sentosa with a grp of youths. The weather is great today. Hmm... but I think I got tanned today. Hee... Well nothing much happen. Had a fun game of truth or dare though! Haa...... Got to know a new dog named Brave today, a very active and guai dog. Great! Next time hope that can bring OSCAR to play with you ok. Hee.....

After which, met up with Danny and SK for dinner and had a great chat. I will remember what you all had said and will decide what I wanna to do. Hope for the best. Hee..... SK, have fun running the 21km later ok! Next yr will join you!

So should I do it? Maybe yes maybe no. Let me think abt it! Still got one more day of weekend. Hope that it will be a great day 2molo.

Till then.... Take Care

A very "headache" Polarbear

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