Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rain rain go away!

Rain rain go away!

Well coming into Nov and Dec, it will turn into the rainy season. This means more rain and less sun. :( For the past few weeks, there is sure to be a bit of rain here and there everyday. However, for the past 24 hrs, it had been raining non stop. Well the good thing is, it is very good to sleep in the night. The bad thing is have to carry an umbrella everywhere I go. Haa.... Well this morning finally stopped raining, and the sun is coming out. Nice change for a while. Haa....

Good news that most of the youths passed their N lvls and will be moving on to Sec 5. I am really happy for them! Hope that they will really work hard from now on and do their best in their O lvls.

Really looking forward to the start of my gym membership this coming Sat. Haa.... Going to had all the fun and not going to constraint by free passes any more and can go anytime I like. Haa... Going to try out all the classes, like Street Jazz, Step, Yoga (Yes, LLT for you!) etc. I hope make it a point to go down minimum 2 times a week and aims to lose 10 -20 kg in a year. Haa....

A few days ago, I had received an email from someone used to be special in my life and I am shocked when I saw the email. A lot was written in that email, not going into details here, but then the email had stated her stand pretty clearly to me as well. Hmm... as I was wondering if I should reply that email a not, I decided to do so and replied back with what I had thought abt it as well. Hmm.... What I got to say is there is no one at fault, as two of us are at fault at some point, dun be to harsh on yourself ok.

I hope that this week is going to be an exciting week for me especially it is going to be a special week for me. But seems like until now, there is still not much news from my frens yet. Hmm.... .... most of them bz with their work and seems to forget abt it. Hmm..... 1 more day to go ... Better start thinking abt my wish.

A hopeful Polarbear

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