Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Everything went smoothly today!

Everything went smoothly today!

I am on leave today and take the chance to run some errands for my next job, which by te way is starting 2molo. Hee...Hee...

Started the day with haircut after which medical check up, met up with LLT for lunch at Pizza Hut. Hmm... it has been a long time since I had eaten pizza hut and suddenly got the urge to eat pizza hut a few days ago. So there we are to eat lo. Haa.... It was ok, not that fantastic though. Haa.... Anyway LLT still on MC today and the neck was still red and swollen. So poor thing! Hope that you will get better to go to work 2molo.

After lunch, went to watch The Prestige, starring of cos my fav Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman. The show was abt magicians that were trained together and partners, in the end due to a wrong trick which casued a death. After which, they performed on their own and try to outsmart each other by doing more difficult tricks than each other. In the end both paid heavily with their family, frens and wealth. It was a pretty long but good show. I enjoyed it! Hee.... The cinema is so cold again. Hee...

After which, did some shopping and went home. Hmm... bought a XXL chicken cutlet from Shilin. Hmm.... It is so salty that I had to throw the whole thing away after eating a few mouthfuls. It is not good compared to the original thing in Taiwan. I dun think I am going to buy that again.Haa.... Hoping to start on my project and assignment which I am going to do shortly after I finish blogging. Hee....

I am going to start on my new job 2molo. Hope that everything will turn out well.

Till then... Take care

A very hopeful Polarbear

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