Friday, October 27, 2006

"You are not worth that much"

"You are not worth that much"

This was being said to me when I tendered my resignation letter to my manager yesterday. Yes I tendered yet again but this time is different. Not because the company not good or manager not good but I was being head-hunted and was offered a pay that simply I cannot refused. But to hear my manager say that to me when I tendered, I was shocked! Who are you to determine how much I am worth in the 1st place? I might not worth that much in your company but it does not mean other places rite? Anyway one company does think that I am worth that much and is going to give me a higher pay! Well one good thing came out of it is they decided to let me go early, by end of this mth. This means I can start early in my new job! Haa...

This is the 3rd job I have been in, going on to the 4th one for the past 7 mths. It seems that I have been going ard and still have not settle down yet. Hope that i can settle down in the next job. Hee... Is there something wrong with me or I am too picky? I admit I can be a bit picky as I want to be in a job that I can excel in and at the same time I can be happy as well.

Ok weekend coming. Hope all of you got to enjoy ur weekend while I had to rush for my assignment and project. Take care

A vomiting blood Polarbear

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