Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I hate people LYING to ME!

I hate people LYING to ME!

Jz yesterday, one fren of mine (can consider quite a good fren but dunno abt now) literally lied in my face while telling the truth to my the other fren at the same time, thinking that both me and my the other fren will not exchange information with each other. Too bad, the trick backfired and now I am totally PISSED OFF as I hate ppl lying to me! Esp the things that he lied are so trivial that if he told me the truth, I would have brushed it off! other than pissed off, I am also rather sad that he continued to lied to me. Who knows there might be more things that he could has lied to me as well.

I am ok that if ppl would have told me a white lie to hide something from me that will make me sad. If you told me a lie, then jolly well make sure that I will nvr find out abt the truth! I would be more sad then if I found out the truth and found out that you had lied to me as well.

Therefore, I always tell other ppl that is "If you start telling one lie, you need to start creating more lies to cover up the lies before!". This is not the 1st time that my that "fren" had lied to me, and I had forgiven him after he told me the truth.

So now I m actually rethinking into our frenship, so does our frenship is also based on a pack of lies as well? If that is true, then i rather dun have a fren like him!

I am not trying to say that I am an angel as well, I have also told some lies before, good ones and bad ones. I have also learnt from the lessons that what will happen when a lie was being said and more lies were said to cover the 1st lie. That is y now I prefer to say the truth. Nothing beats the truth and I no need to hide in the fear that the truth would be found out sooner or later.

If you r reading this, yes you the person who lied to me, jz wanna to tell you that I had been treating you like one of my best fren and yet all I was to you, was only a "spare tyre". When you got no one to go out to, then you will come to think of me, knowing that I will always be there for you. Hmm... I am really so disappointed in you now.

A very PISSED OFF and SAD Polarbear :(

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