Monday, October 09, 2006

Seems like ppl ard me their lives are going well... What abt mine?

Seems like ppl ard me their lives are going well... What abt mine?

Recently heard a lot of good news from my frens ard me. Seems like their personal lives or career are going so well for them. Going for promotion lah, change job with higher pay, new galfrens or boyfrens, new babies, etc. So good and so lucky for them.

What abt me? Seem like everything is going down slope. Sounds depressing right? Esp after hearing to all the good news from my frens, sometimes I think if I had really made the wrong choice. No! Ever since I quited my last main job, I nvr regretted abt it cos I sure know that I will be unhappy even though they are paying me big bucks for the job. I have nvr made the wrong choice but I am now jz a few steps behind my frens who r working now.

With so many things going now, I really need to take a step back and re-look into what is going on in my life now. However, despite everything is sort of going against me now I am actually quite happy lo. Maybe once I stabilize in my this current job, things might get better la. Who knows what future have install for me? I dunno, U also dunno as well.

On Sunday, brought OSCAR to the Bishan Dog Run finally. Meet up with a lot of his MS frens today. However, OSCAR seems to be anti-social or maybe shy today. Maybe I should bring him to interact with other dogs more often. Should bring him to such events more often.

This makes the start of new week, hope things will be going on fine with my new work and I will get my work laptop 2molo as well.

Till then... Take Care


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