Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First Day of Work!

First Day of Work!

Thks for everyone concern for my 1st day at work! It went smoothly (I hope!) and actually quite boring. When I reached there, the HR ppl and my immediate boss were quite surprised as to them, they expected me to report to work 2molo instead. Haa...Haa... The office is only a 10 mins bus ride from my home! Super near! Haa...

I am very bad with names and faces, so for now, except for my immediate boss's name, I forgot the rest of my colleagues' name already. Hmm... company quite big so might need some time to remember their names and faces.

I have a decent table, a brand new desk phone, however laptop will only be ready by end of the week, I am hoping that it will be a brand new one. Haa.... Yes, you all ask me to wait long long... Well we will know abt it this Friday. Crossing my fingers now!

I spent the whole day reading up on Labview (a software to write program), this reminds me of when I am starting my final year project in poly, that is what I did as well. I will be going on some shorts courses soon, hope they will arrange it for me asap. Haa.....

Hope this week, the first week, in the company will be smooth sailing for me. Have to leave a good impression leh as I got to stay in this company for 2 years or more ok! I have promised a lot of ppl that I will not change job at least for the next 2 yrs. Haa....

I jz finished and submitted an assignment and now I got to start on another one that is due this Fri. Sigh! I got to go and hug buddha's leg again.

Polarbear turning into Panda Bear .... ... Till then Take Care!

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