Saturday, October 07, 2006

First week in new job.... .... What a hazy week

First week in new job.... .... What a hazy week

So how was my first week in work? Hmmm..... Still ok, I m still a bit confused on the structure of my company. I have one manger that is in charge of my admin, and I report to him, but got another manager that is in charge of my training... Haa.... Still got a few things to do during the week so it is still ok. The bad thing is... I still have not get my laptop! Hope I can get it soon. Dun think I will get a new laptop though. Things will get better! Still trying to know my colleagues, some of them still nothing to talk abt... I shy or they shy? Haa...

Hazy have arrived and yesterday was the worst, with the PSI going to 130 (unheathly lvl). Seems like there is a mist every where! Smelling like smoke everywhere and my nose kinda of feeling funny as well. Hope the haze will go away soon.

This week also start first of many weddings to come...Sigh... this means my wallet going to have a BIG hole! So many ppl getting married leh. Dun ask me when is my turn though ok! Haa....

Yesterday went to Minds cafe with my JC youths, I nvr had so much fun there. Was laughing all the way and some of the silly things that we did there as well. Next time we shall try out more boardgames there ok!

Brought OSCAR out for a walk this morning, he was so excited abt it, he keep barking asking me to go faster. Haa... Outside, he jz kept running and running. He really like the outdoors leh. After which, he jz sleep thruout the whole afternoon.

Today is my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

Till then.... Take Care


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