Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am on leave today... ... So can consider LWE?

I am on leave today... ... So can consider LWE?

Actually yesterday lah...Haa... cos I need to help my fren out. Well if you are reading this, take it easy ok, hope that everything will be back to normal for you soon.

Well for the rest of the day, nothing much happen, playing with OSCAR in the afternoon. Mum mades new pillow covers for OSCAR to sleep in. Hee...Hee... So lucky him.

At night met up with LLT, did the usual, dinner and moive.

The moive (The Devil wears Prada) was great! I gave a good 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! Meryl Streep's acting skills was jz simply fabulous! Well the moive was very funny but also brought back some bad memories to me....Sigh.... LLT sorry for boring you with my life story again... Haa...Haa....

Lessons learnt from the movie:

1. So when the challenges arises, would you be the one to face the challenge and do your best or you will be the one to turn your face away from it and run away?

2. When love and career comes together, which one will be the priority in your life, will you give up either one of them?

3. When there are some major character changes in your loved one, would you be able to accept that and still encourage him / her to continue with her career, or because of the changes, you will jz break up with him / her?

4. Would you accept your the other partner for who they are (including of all the changes, regardless good or bad changes, in their lives)?

5. Would you choose a job of glamour and attention seeking where all the people would die for the job or your dream job that you had been dreaming of and studying hard for?

All the questions came to me when watching the movie, and to say that for the relationship problems / questions are very close to me as they did happened to me recently, that is the reason y I got so many feelings about it. Somehow all the memories, regardless of good or bad, jz came rushing back to me. Hmm... I chose to walk away from it, some ppl say I did the right thing, some ppl say I am coward and dun wanna to give another chance. But who is right to do judgment for me when I am the best person to do the judgment for myself!

Hmm... bad memories really not suitable for me, for now my mood is really sad and bad now. Well dun wanna to think or talk abt it any more!

This weekend going to be a interesting weekend. Going to meet up with my new mentee 2day. Hey the old mentees, dun worry I will always be there for you all if you all need help ok! I will never forget you all one! For those taking N lvls soon, study hard and good luck to your exams ok! After your exams we will have a BIG celebration for you all ok!

Till then ...Take care... ...


LLT said...

Interesting entry! So I decided to leave a long comment.. worries, u din bored me la... =p

Hmm...Well, for me, if a challenge arises, it's human's nature to avoid confronting it initially, but still, eventually you'll have to face it, running away from it will not solve the prob...

Given love & career, my priority is career. Even if it's a choice between love & friends, friendship outweighs love for me I guess. Haha

Well, if the character change is for the better, why not? Changing for the better = growing + maturing, rite? But of course, if changes become too drastic or exceed a limit, it may be hard to continue with the r/s. Afterall, how did a r/s started? It started becoz u like the person for who he/she is in the 1st place. =)

Job wise, I would choose what I enjoy and have an interest in, so what if you look glamourous on the outside? Hidden beneath the shell is just a sad u. That's why I'm in such "cold" field, dressed so 'lok kok', dun have to dress so glam mah. But I know I'm happier this way Haha..

Cheer up & Stay happy, I thought Polarbear is back? Hmm...

Elizis Alias Grace said...

Lesson 1: Challenges muz be monetary related. Otherwise, run away by all means cos its a waste of time. Haha..

Lesson 2: I will choose career over love cos love will come and go. But Career will not forsake you.

Lesson 3: Change is constant. This includes human. Can tolerate, stay on. Cannot, break. Simple.

Lesson 4: Same as above

Lesson 5: Choose a job of your interest and passion cos you only lived onces. But muz earn enuf to feed you lah. One man's meat is another man's poison. Definition of dream and glamor is individualistic.

PolarBear said...

Well Polarbear is back but after all the sad thoughts came back it jz ... ....

Sorrrowblade said...

Will post answers in my blog at next posting. :)