Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fat and Lazy Polarbear went for work out again!

Fat and Lazy Polarbear went for work out again!

Yes! After 2 mths, finally the BIG, FAT, LAZY Polarbear went for another session of workout (Body Combat) again with LLT. This time round, I stayed thruout the whole session, 1 hr. I nearly died during the session. Haa...Haa... by the second song, I was alr sweating like a pig and jz going thru the motion alr. Haa..Haa... Overall, it was a good session cos I finally got to exercise! Finding no reason y I should not be exercising loh. Should really do that more often lah. Hope that 2molo weather is fine so that I can go swimmming in the morning. Even though, I am aching all over now! Haa...haa....

Finally another week of torture is over and weekend is here. Seems like this weekend is going to be no difference from last week. Going to be a lonely weekend as well. I hope not! So ppl reading this now, jz give me a call and ask me out now. Haa...Haa... Sigh!

This is an aching lazy big fat Polarbear signing off! Have a nice weekend!

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