Wednesday, September 27, 2006

End of torture.... Start of a new chapter

End of torture.... Start of a new chapter

Finally my torture have ended and I am enjoying now, YES! My "holidays" have started and will last until this Friday. Hmm... at the look of it, I dun think I have time to do the things that I have planned out... Sigh... Nvrmind next time then.

Well end of one chapter means a start of another chapter. Looking forward towards it and hope that I will enjoy it. Hee...Hee....

So these few days, me going to be bz with my assignment as they are due again. Haa...Haa... means more sleepless nights to go. I am also spedning more time with OSCAR, mean going to more walks and getting to sleep in my room. Dunno y, he dun like to sleep inside my room, he always prefer to sleep inside my sis room. Sigh!

OSCAR recently also seem to know where is the right place to pee and poo alr. Sometimes only... when he did the right things, he will not go and hide, in fact he will come and look for you and telling you that he had poo and pee at the right place so that we will reward him with his fav cookie. However if he poo and pee at the wrong place, he will immediately go and hide cos he knows that he will sure be scolded for it. Haa...Haa.. Smart Dog right?

Got some school project going on right now as well, hope that we can get some headway and finsih asap. Haa...Haa....

Ok, I am going to slack for another 2 more days before I get serious and all busy again.

Till then... Take care....

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