Sunday, September 17, 2006

16 Sep .... .... Another weekend over, 2 more weeks of torture

16 Sep .... .... Another weekend over, 2 more weeks of torture

A year ago on 16 Sep is one of my happiest day in my life, however the happiness did not last a year. So saw her yesterday, was awkward for me! So SP and HC that is the reason why I did not join u all in the lunch, heng never go , cos both of you also did not go for the lunch. I really dunno why, although I am the one that initiated the breakup, till now a part of me still could not let it go, dun ask me why. That is the reason why until now I still cannot accept her as my fren. How long will this last, I dunno, I really dunno... ... Hope this will be over soon. If not, I got to think that it will be a stumbling block for my next relationship.

Sat was well spent. Brought OSCAR out for a full hour walk, boy was it tiring, now he is the one pulling me instead of me pulling him. Haa... haa... Going to do this every week with him!

After which went swimming with LLT. Wow it had been ages since I last swam! Even though I only swam 6 laps but the feeling of being back in water is great and I had remembered how much I had missed water, my fav element! I had to make more effort to do more swimming. Come on Polarbear, got to swim more often ok! Maybe once a week, min 30 laps!

Mentors training is next. Next! Spent sometime with follow mentors that always is the best thing! After that was movie time, 2 movies with 2 different grps of ppl. Watched Singapore Dreaming and The Host! Both were great!

Singapore Dreaming, in short, is abt a family chasing 5Cs (Credit card, Condo, Cash, Car and Career, and the sixth one being Coffin). The movie was considered quite good for local standard. Go and watch it! It does slap some sense into some people that only lives to chase after the 5Cs all day long. For me, all those all impt but no that impt when it is compared to family and frens. Here have to be realistic, what is a NEED and what is a WANT. I always go by that theory. Like buying a car, to me that is a want but not a need exp when a car in spore is so expensive. I rather spend the money on something else.

The HOST, abt a creature that lives in the sewers in the HAN River. Well the story was tight and the actually was good. There are some good scares, however the humour was quite funny as well! The effects on the creature was freaking good! It looked so real that it does not look like a CCG product. Well it is also worth watching as well!

In between the movies, something awkward happen. Dun wanna to mention it here, but hope it will not happen again. So paiseh loh. I can swear that I was blushing most of the time!

Sunday was spent slacking away. Was waiting for someone to jio me out but it did not happen. Sigh... ...

Going to start work 2molo again. Still got 2 more weeks or torture! Bear with it Polarbear! Hope this week will fly pass smoothly as well!

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