Thursday, September 14, 2006

Forbidden City.... Great!

Forbidden City.... Great!

Yesterday went to see Forbidden City, locally produced muscial! I can only say this: It was GREAT! Quick go and buy tickets and go and watch!

I was very lucky to buy seats that are 2nd row from the front / stage! This is the 1st time I am sitting so close to the stage. Suddenly the actors and actress appear so big in front of me. So close that you can even see the pimples on their faces.

The story as follows: "A historical retelling of the story of China's Empress Dowager, the story is seen from the eyes of an American painter, Kate Carl, who is commissioned to paint the Empress' portrait.

The Empress recounts her amazing journey from a young imperial concubine to become the Empress of China and the pressures she faced. The musical explores the myths surrounding her reign, from the controversial death of her only son to her ambitious tussle for power."

The cast led by KIT CHAN is great in their acting and singing. I can really feel the different moods when they are singing! I like the lady acting as the old empress, she got a lot of stage presence as well. As usual, Hossan and Sebastain provide the laughs for this musical.

I am happy that I went to watch this musical, and did not regret watching it! A few thoughts did came to my mind when I was watching the show, but then I decided to keep it personal this time and dun wanna to discuss here. Haa....

So the musical is until end of this mth.... you still got chance to go and catch the show!

PS: Thks LLT for buying me the present! Ah yo, I am only joking with you lah and you really bought me something. Make me so paiseh leh! *Blushes* If you only got me the sand from there, I also very happy one u know. Haa...Haa.... Thks again! Hmm... so the offer of half price ticket for the next muscial still stands ok! Or you wanna the dinner treat? Haa....

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