Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OSCAR before grooming and after grooming pics

OSCAR before grooming and after grooming pics

As I have mentioned before , OSCAR recently went through his first grooming session. Too bad my sis did not take his pics during grooming! However below are the pics before and after grooming, see if you think there is a great change in OSCAR, got look more handsome a not? Haa...Haa...

Before Grooming:

After Grooming:

So got any difference? Haa...

One thing for sure, OSCAR is growing a lot faster than we expected!

Recently, we had been bringing him out for walks. At first, he was reluctant to walk out of the house but now whenever the gate opens, he will be the first one to rush out. Haa.....Haa... When we go and get his leash, he knows that we are going to bring him out and he will go all crazy! Once outside, he will go sniffing ard and like to run ard as well. He is curious about everything!

It is just a matter of time that we will bring him to the beach and teach him how to swim. Haa...Haa... Till then ... ...Take care!

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