Saturday, September 09, 2006

What a boring week....Weekend going to be boring as well....

What a boring week....Weekend going to be boring as well....

This week had been boring week for me.

Since I resigned, I think my boss had been making my life terrible at work! Asking me to do all his work while he jz sit there and uses his mouth to say do this and do that. How I wish I can jz leave and no need to fulfil the 1 month notice! Jz bear with it PolarBear.... it will be over soon!

I had been staying at home all week less Thursday when I was doing some escort job for LLT! Haa...Haa.... No one to ask me out so I spent my time working on my assignment which is due yesterday. Managed to finish it in the nick of time, even though our lecturer gave us another extension of 1 week, I decided not to drag it any longer so that I can move forward to my other assignments.

Weekend did not manage to get anyone to go out with me... So I am going to slack at home then! However Sunday going to bring OSCAR out to a MS Dog Run at Bishan Park! Hope that he can meet a lot of his frens there! I also hope to meet some on the dog owners and hope to make some new frens as well. I will definitly take some pics and post i here ok.

Not looking forward to the weekend and the week coming after that... Hope things will be improved....Till then...Take care!

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