Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our baby OSCAR is 3 mths old!

Our baby OSCAR is 3 mths old!

Our family baby OSCAR is already 3 mths old and he had been with us for 1 mth alr. Boy, had he brought our family a lot of fun, laughter as well as trouble and anger. Haa...Haa....

Some of his likes:
1. He now dare to bark at strangers alr.
2. Like to jump on you and try to kiss / lick you.
3. To wag his super short tail at super fast speed when he see me and family.
4. Likes to eat a lot...Hmm... which dog dun like...Haa....
5. When we spend time to play with him.
6. To go into hiding when he does something wrong like peeing and pooing at wrong place.

Some of his dislikes:
1. He is scared of loud noise like thunder and planes flying past.
2. Dun like to takes baths
3. Dun like to be closed up at the end of the day.
4. When we beat him for doing something wrong. Haa....
5. When we leave him alone and go for work...Hmm... That one we also dun like Haa...

He is now growing bigger and bigger. When he 1st came to us, he was 2kg, Now he is 3.64 kg and growing...Haa...Haa... Height from 12" to now ard 13", length from 10" to 15".

According to the vet, it is best if we bring him out after 4 mths after the last jab. Hmm... ... So keep a look out for that date, sure to bring him outside to meet his frens.

Till then , below are some of the new pictures of OSCAR.

OSCAR with his fav bone bone

OSCAR fav sitting or lying down position

Oscar tired after a day of fun and play

Another of his sleeping pic

OSCAR in kapo mode

That is all folks, or at least at the moment. Cute rite? Haa...Haa... Enjoy...


away111days said...

Ha ha ha really cute... :)

Mark said...

such cute doggie u've got!