Friday, August 11, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, PolarBear is Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, PolarBear is Back!

Finally Polarbear bounced back! Hmm... I think becos I have found solutions to not all but some of my problems alr. I have also sorted out some of my thoughts on some of the issues that I have been struggling with.

Now I jz need to implement it and hope that it works! If not back into the cave to think of solutions again. Haa...Haa...

So now the main thing is to get my life back onto the main track again. OSCAR had been a great help to me, spending time with him always makes me very happy even though he is naughy and still like to pee and poo ard. Haa....Haa.... He has been bringing a lot of joy and laughter into my family. The whole family's life now jz surrounds ard OSCAR. It is good at least now we all spend more time together as a family as well. Wait till OSCAR can start going out into public then it will be more fun. Can bring him to East Coast Park, Sentosa and all the doggie outings. Wow! Looking forward to it man. He will be going for his 3rd and finally jab on 19 Aug 06, 2 weeks after that he will be released from his "jail". Haa...Haa....

School started this week! It is going to be hectic for the next 4 mths. Still got to write report and do project. Looks fun but going to be challening!

Ok! Got to go back and work alr. So till the next posting... ... Take Care

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