Sunday, August 20, 2006

OSCAR's visit to the vet

OSCAR's visit to the vet

OSCAR went for his 3rd jab yesterday at Allpets & Aqualife Clinic. First thing, he had grown a lot. His weight is now 3.64kg. OMG, he had put on 1.64kg ever since he joined our family. Thks Dr Winne Teo for patiently answering all our queries and being so caring on OSCAR. The jab went in fast and I dun think he felt anything as well. He also took pills for deworming.

So he can be let out in abt a months time, then can bring him to east coast park and sentosa alr. Haa...Haa....

Below are some of the new pics of OSCAR:

OSCAR playing with bone-bone:

OSCAR hungry and trying to reach for his dinner:

OSCAR sleeping:

1 comment:

Sorrrowblade said...

Damn nice dog leh!

now then I know what your Oscar is.
I thought is green monster in a Trash bin.

Anyway.. so lucky get such a cute dog.

Use him wisely. Bring him to beach and sian char bor. Sure a lot of ladies come and say 'Oh.. so cute~~~!'