Monday, August 21, 2006

Click - Do I want the universal remote control?

Click - Do I want the universal remote control?

After watching the movie, it makes me realises what I had been missing. Haa..Haa... It jz reminds me what is more important in life other than work.

To me, I always view $$ as something that goes into one pocket and goes out in another one. That is y I dun view it as impt but dun have it, I will die. Haa...Haa...

One of my fren keep telling me how he is going to climb up the coporate ladder going upwards with the pay increasing as well and another of my fren telling me that more pay is the impt and not whether you will enjoy the job or the people that works ard him. For me, I do view the $$ as impt but not as impt as the people that I will be working with and the enviroment ard the office.

The movie reminds me that family and frens is impt in our lives. If we always working and earning $$ hoping that our family will lead a better life, I think that is wrong. So to me now, I would wanna to spend more time with my family and have dinner more often with them as well. Hmm... this reminds me when is the last time we had dinner together as a family? Hmm.... ... But to say that after OSCAR joined our family, it seems that we got another common topic in our family and we r also spending more time toking to each other as well.

I will not want to fast forward for my life and missed out all the wonderful or painful things in my life. Hope this thought will always stay with me in my life. However there is always certain things that I would wanna to fast forward and nvr to go thru those again in my life. Haa...Haa....

Ok for now... ...Till the next posting... ...Take care

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