Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally, National Day is here... ...A Holiday!

Finally, National Day is here... ...A Holiday!

After 2 mths of drought of holidays, finally National Day is here! A public holiday at last!

I always like National Day and it makes me proud to be a Singaporean! Everywhere I go I would like to tell ppl that I m from Singapore! I loved everything in Singapore, even though it lack of large forest, space, beautiful beaches, but there is no other places that I wanna to be in other than in Singapore!

Haa...Haa.... I like to see Natonal Day Parade as well. It is nice to see all the show although sometimes it is a bit crap. Haa... Haa....

The best part I like is the Singapore Fireworks Festival. I loved fireworks. They are so beautiful in the sky! Sometimes I wished that my job is the one to press the button to release the fireworks. I have caught the 1st one. Hope that I can catch tonight's one as well.

Seems like the holiday or the fireworks had done a bit of help to lighten my mood. I have decided on son decisions that I think will make my life better even though I dun wanna it to happen that way. Sad huh.... ....


PS: Jz in case ppl dunno where is Singapore, it is not part of China or Malaysia ok... Haa...Haa... Go and look in the map ok!

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