Saturday, August 25, 2007



You know now all the insurance agents especially the newbies ones, will always have their roadshows at mrt stations or shopping centres. They are irritating, persistent (even after saying 1001 times NO!) and tactless at times. I met one yesterday. This happens to me when I was walking out of the station.

Insurance Agent (IA): "Are you a Malay?"

Me: "No, I am Chinese."

IA: "You sure? You dun look Chinese!"

Even though she is not the 1st one to say I look Malay, cos I am tanned.

But then when I tell you something, you dun doubt me on it! It seems like she is saying that I am lying to her! WTF! She is simply tactless and could have easily lost a customer like me due to her loose mouth!

Dun think her insurance career is going to last long if she continue like that.

A "confused" Polarbear

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