Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hairspray! I wish I am in the 60s!

Hairspray! I wish I am in the 60s!

Before I start on anything, I like to say that I am a big sucker for musicals! Haa... Regardless they are in the theatre or movie format. Haa.... So you know know where this post is heading towards to!

From Chicago to Phantom of the Opera to Rent to The Producers to Dreamgirls and now HAIRSPRAY! All of the movies mentioned are jz fantastic! Each got their own songs and signatures. It seems that they always get the correct people for the correct role!

Hairspray sets in the 60s where RETRO is at its PEAK! Big, oily looking hair, tight shirts and bell bottom pants! This gal, Tracey Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky, a newcomer who is freaking talented!), with big hair, big personality, big heart who suddenly turns from a nobody to a celebrity on the hottest show on local tv station. She also fights for the rights of the black people, a firm believer of integration! In order words, she is freaking cool! Haa....

Y does she need to fight for the black? Cos during that time as well, only the white can dance with the white and the black can dance with their own group! Race discrimination! The blacks only got a Negro Day a month!

Come to think of it even though there is not much of discrimination now, but then there will always be some of it in some certain part of the world! We need more people like Tracy to help us!

Of cos for the rest of the star cast, are also great. John Travolta as her mum (he is acting as a woman), Michelle Pfeiffer as the villain and producer of the show, Christopher Walken as her dad, Amanda Bynes as her best friend, James Marsden as the host of the tv show, Queen Latifah as the black tv host for the show, Zac Effron as the cute guy with Superman hairstyle, Link, and Brittany Snow as Amber, the blondie.

OF cos being a musical, the songs are great, retro songs with the groove! In fact i loved all the songs in this movie. Haa...

Overall I give this movie 4.75 out of 5! Go and catch it! Think I will go and get the soundtrack and the dvd as well. Hope this movie will do well in the awards as well. Hope they will get nominated for Best Movie in OSCARS! Haa....

Wonder if the musical is going ard the world doing tours? If yes, then when it is coming to Singapore? I am so going to watch it! Haa....

Meantime, I am going to practice on my mash potatoes moves and groove with the music!

A "Retro" Polarbear

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