Sunday, August 19, 2007

881! Yo! Ah! Yo!

881! Yo! Ah! Yo!

This movie deserves a post on its own. Y? Cos It is damned GOOD! So good that to me, IT IS THE BEST LOCAL MOVIE TO DATE! One of the touching movies as well especially the last scene.

The movie is about two gals from different backgrounds got together because of the common interest in getai which only happens during the 7th Month, Hungry Ghost Festival. Cos of their passion they formed a group named "Papaya Sisters", got themselves a manager and started to do their shows. They got popular and "Durian Sisters" got jealous of them and decided to challenge them for a showdown!

The actresses were all good inside, so good that I think they are suitable to go on stage and sing right now. Haa....Which they are doing right now, going around to do promo for the movie on the getai, reaching out to all the heartlanders. Good advertisement.

There are a lot of funny moments in the movie as well, especially on the guy and the cock (Not that but the rooster). Haa.... The songs inside are all good, so good that I bought the soundtrack alr. Hee... The costumes are also very beautifully made, I think they can change up to 3 costumes per song!

After watching this show, I got new respect for the getai singers! Their hardwork, sweat and tears behind the scenes. I always thought it is jz rushing from getai to getai to sing and earn $$. Well now most of the singers are those under age kids. The director really got the essence of the getai and brought it on the screen, even though some parts are too extravagant but overall it fits in the movie nicely.

Overall I give this movie 4.75 out of 5 stars! Go and watch it. Bring your parents along with you as well, as the movie is mostly in hokkien and chinese.

My fav song from the movie.

A "techno" Polarbear

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