Friday, August 24, 2007

Kiss goodbye to owning a car!

Kiss goodbye to owning a car!

Saw this in the papers this morning: More ERP Gantries and longer ERP hours.

I wondered for the next few years, for one expressway there would be like 10 gantries waiting down the road. it will be worse than paying road tolls. Hmm.... To get from one place to another would have used at least 2 or more expressway. With each gantry, charging from 50 cents to $2.50... Hmm.... You can do the maths!

So now does it mean that all the smaller roads are going to be more crowded, then when no one uses the expressway, gantries would start popping up along the small road as well. That will be driver's worst nightmare! Haa...

Hmm... this plus COE plus new GST and a lot of other little little things, I think I can really kiss my wish to have a car goodbye! Haa...


Hmm... BTW that is my dream car at the moment.

A "wishful thinking" Polarbear

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